The Strategic Plan for Pennsylvania’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program 2018–2022 represents a coordinated effort between the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH), key partners and other stakeholders in tobacco prevention and control in Pennsylvania. The strategic plan for tobacco prevention and control is reflective of a statewide assessment of current trends and activities, as well as defining new and emerging public health priorities. In addition, the strategic plan defines a roadmap for the next five years to significantly decrease tobacco-related morbidity, mortality, and related economic costs in Pennsylvania. By collaborating with our partners to enact this plan, resources can be leveraged to raise awareness, provide comprehensive programs, and improve health equity.


The strategic plan identifies strategies to address these five goals:

  • PREVENT initiation of all tobacco product use among youth and young adults;
  • PROMOTE cessation efforts among adults and youth to address all tobacco product use;
  • ELIMINATE exposure to secondhand smoke;
  • IDENTIFY AND ELIMINATE all tobacco product disparities; and
  • ENHANCE Pennsylvania’s role as a nationally recognized leader in tobacco control programs and policies.


This plan will serve as the framework to inform program goals and activities throughout the Commonwealth. The shared goals and initiatives foster a comprehensive tobacco control program from which all organizations with vested interest can benefit. Dynamic and coordinated program planning and implementation ensures sustained and positive action.