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Past Issues of PACT Notes

PACT Notes – November 30, 2018

The CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health released an article in the Journal, Nicotine & Tobacco Research. Their study found that people living with mental health conditions are more likely to smoke cigarettes than people without these conditions, and are also likely to smoke more often, be more dependent on nicotine, have stronger withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit, and be overall less successful in quitting. This study shows that cigarette smokers with mental health conditions had increased quit attempts after reporting having seen the TV ad featuring Tips participant Rebecca, a former smoker living with depression.

PACT Notes – November 23, 2018

The Pennsylvania Tobacco Prevention and Control Program has released is MPOWER Annual Summary Report for State Fiscal year 2017/2018. This report contains information on the worksite tobacco policy initiative, multi-unit housing, young lungs at play, regional cessation, PA Free Quitline, PACT, enforcement checks, and much more!

PACT Notes – November 16, 2018

CDC and FDA analyzed data from the 2011–2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey, to determine the prevalence of current use (>1 day in past 30 days) of e-cigarettes, current use of any tobacco product, frequency (number of days during the preceding 30 days) of e-cigarette use, and current use (any time during the preceding 30 days) of any flavored e-cigarettes among U.S. middle school (grades 6–8) and high school (grades 9–12) students.