PACT supports tobacco control advocates by providing guidance on how to communicate with legislators and community members about the need for policy change in you organization, municipality, or county – and throughout the entire state. Advocacy plays a strong role in PACT’s mission; PACT provides resources for Pennsylvania residents to take action and ask for change.


Learn more about how to be an advocate for tobacco control in Pennsylvania

About PACT’s fact sheets:

Our fact sheets are designed to be shared with a variety of audiences. They include visuals and talking points that can help guide your conversations about the issues and can also be distributed to legislators and other stakeholders. We recommend printing them in color.

These fact sheets are updated on an annual basis at a minimum and more often as needed.

PACT also provides in-person and webinar trainings on tobacco control advocacy. Contact Erica Saylor to schedule a tobacco control advocacy training for your coalition or organization.